Sea Glass Necklace I
  • Sea Glass Necklace I


    Collected on the shores of West Cork, Ireland. This sea glass necklace is one of a kind. The sea glass has been tumbled by the sea for over 20+ years, leaving a smooth gorgeous looking piece of glass. Black is the fifth most rare sea glass color. Black sea glass is actually not black, but a very dark olive green when held up to the light. Black glass dates back as far as the 1700s and was commonly used for beer and liquor bottles until about 1870.


    The chain measures 18 inches and is 24kt gold plated. The sea glass has been wire wrapped using 24kt gold plated wire. 


    The sea glass measurements:

    Height: 22mm

    Width: 17mm


    You will receive a card with care intructions on how to keep the chain or wire safe.