Custom Ring
  • Custom Ring


    Each custom ring is hand stamped, made to order. Every ring is carefully stamped with precision. They are anti-tarnish. 


    Rings sizes are measured in US Sizes.


    *Please note*

    - Handstamping means I hammer each letter individually into the ring, there can be variations in character, depth and spacing. 

    - Excessive bending of the ring may cause the ring to crack/deform. 

    - Keep rings away from alcohol based liquids or harsh substances as it may dissolve the ink, the ring itself will not tarnish.

    - Aluminum is a soft metal, so it can be fragile, take care when handling.


    The ink may wear off when worn in water or with constant wear. There's a simple fix, you can use any permanent marker to fill in the letters, wait a few minutes and wipe off the excess.

    • Return & Refund Policy

      Customised jewellery has no return/refund policy. Each piece is handmade and personalised especially for you.

    • Shipping Policy

      Orders are shipped by AnPost. Due to COVID - 19, delivery times may vary. For orders over €50, I suggest opting for the tracked shipping. Standard shipping is an affordable option for customers, it does not include tracked shipping. There is an option for tracked shipping which you can choose at checkout.